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Self-Service Car Washing Instructions

Big Wash wants you to get the most value for your money. These instructions will help you optimize your self service wash and vacuum usage. A cost effective self service wash requires a plan and constant movement to get the most effective service from the time you purchase.

RECOMMENDATION - First time users can print these instructions and use them as a guide. A partner can read the instructions you while you wash your car.

TIP Before you deposit any coins -- hold the spray gun, foam brush, or foamy wax gun in your hand - select the service you want on the control panel. Quickly deposit the coins {using $1 tokens works faster than quarters}.

TIP Even better have a partner deposit the coins after you get in position. A partner can deposit the minimum amount to start the Wash Bay, then insert coins one at a time until you finish or want to pause.

TIP Begin at the control panel and work around the car. Then switch to the next service on the control panel when you circle back to your starting position at the control panel. Even better, have your partner select the next service on the control panel.

STEP 1 Begin with the low pressure TIRE & WHEEL CLEANER. This low pressure service will take up to 15 seconds to begin flowing. Spray the TIRE & WHEEL CLEANER on the chrome, rubber, vinyl, tires, and rims. Try not to wash off the TIRE & WHEEL CLEANER; it needs some time to work on grease , brake dust, and road film.

TIP Switch from TIRE & WHEEL CLEANER to PRESOAK as you approach the last wheel. The PRESOAK will force the remaining TIRE & WHEEL CLEANER out of the hose while you spray the last wheel, then move to the roof before the PRESOAK begins to flow.

STEP 2 Switch to the medium pressure PRESOAK {BUG REMOVER}. Wet the entire car, apply it from top down. Start on the roof and move down to the rims and tires. The Presoak needs some time to soak and loosen the dirt and bugs.

TIP Prepare the foam brush by spraying the foam brush in its holder to wash out any dirt particles from a previous use.

STEP 3Switch to FOAM BRUSH service first, then lift the brush and wand out of its holder. Hook the spray gun over the foam brush holder; you will change again on the next circle around the car. Work around the car using the Foam Brush to free the dirt and road film.

TIP The foam keeps dirt and debris from collecting in the brush. Using the brush dry, without the foam, may scratch your car's finish.

TIP Hang up the foam brush and hold the high pressure gun in you hand before switching to high pressure SOAP service. The gun will spray and snake on the ground if it is not held firmly.

STEP 4Hold the high pressure gun, then switch to high pressure SOAP. Circle the car, washing from top down to remove any dirt or bugs still adhering to the car.

STEP 5Switch to medium pressure CLEAR COAT SPRAY WAX (or high pressure RINSE) and wash off the remaining soap. It may take two circles around the car to wash off all soap.


STEP 6Switch to FOAMY WAX, then return the high pressure gun to its holder, and remove the foamy wax gun from its holder. Spread lines of foamy wax over the car in a zig zag pattern.

TIP The foamy wax works best when it is spread evenly over the car with a towel. Let the timer run down to zero, then use a towel to spread the foamy wax.

STEP 7Switch to medium pressure CLEAR COAT SPRAY WAX and wash off the remaining foamy wax. It may take two circles around the car to wash off all foamy wax.

---------- OPTIONAL SPOT FREE FINISH ----------

STEP 8Switch to low pressure SPOT FREE RINSE. This low pressure service will take up to 15 seconds to begin flowing. This reverse osmosis mineral free water will dry without leaving mineral spots on your car. A small amount of SPOT FREE WATER will wash off the disolved minerals in the softened water that can leave mineral spots.



TIP Drying the car with lint free towels or a shamee will also prevent mineral spots. Please move your car to a covered vacuum island and dry it there. That will allow the next customer to use the Wash Bay.

Engine Washing Instructions

TIP WARNING! Only Low pressure and medium pressure sprays should be used on gasoline engines. High pressure spray can short out spark plug wires and prevent an engine restart. The engine should be left running while cleaning, but do not spray water into the engine air filter . If the engine falters, stop the cleaning, and rev the engine to restore smooth running. Even if the engine stops, the heat will help to evaporate the moisture. Try a restart in a few minutes.

TIP CAUTION! High pressure SOAP or RINSE can strip the insulation off of electrical wiring if the nozzle is held too close to the wires. It will also blow the grease out of suspension ball joints, or force water into the suspension ball joints. The water can penetrate electrical components, and the water can cause expensive damage to computer components. The same precautions apply to Diesel engines. Even though diesels do not have spark wires, the electrical wiring and computer components are still subject to damage from high pressure water spray. High pressure services are not recommended for engine cleaning or suspension cleaning.

TIP Apply Engine Degreaser (purchased at an auto supply store) prior to washing.

Begin with TIRE & WHEEL CLEANER. It is the strongest cleaning solution at Big Wash. Try not to spray the spark plug wires, the distributor, or electrical wiring and component boxes at any time. The TIRE & WHEEL CLEANER is most effective when it is allowed to penetrate and work on oil and grease. Multiple applications also help.

The TIRE & WHEEL CLEANER can be flushed off of the engine with SPOT FREE WATER. If a more thorough cleaning is desired, spray the engine again with TIRE & WHEEL CLEANER, then use medium pressure PRESOAK to penetrate and remove stubborn grease and dirt deoposits.

Vacuum Cleaner Instructions

Before you deposit any coins:

--- VACUUMING - Position the vacuum hose inside the car or hold the nozzle in your hand.

--- FRAGRANCE - Lay out the dispenser gun hose - select the fragrance service - also select the scent you want on the control panel - hold the gun and be prepared to press the spray button on the side of the gun.

---- SHAMPOO & SPOT FREE - Lay out the brush hose - clear the areas to be cleaned - position floormats where they can be cleaned - select the carpet cleaning service on the control panel - hold the brush and be prepared to press the selector switch on the brush. The vacuum option can be used to dry the carpet or upholstery.

---- Quickly deposit the coins {using $1 tokens works faster than quarters}. Begin working as soon as the vacuum starts.

Vending Machine Instructions

---- The vending machines only accept quarters. Tokens will not fit through the coin opening. Please do not try to use nickles, dimes, pennies, foreigh coins, or other tokens; they will not trick the machine, instead they will jam the machine and inconvenience other customers.

---- Deposit each quarter slowly, one at a time. It is best to listen for the quarter to quit moving before depositing another quarter.

---- Pull the handle slowly to the first stop - hesitate - then pull the handle all the way to the stop.

---- The product may fall just out of sight - if you do not see the item - bend down and look in the opening, or run you fingers up into the opening - once you touch the item, it will fall out.

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